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A Musical Fable of Broadway

Based on a Story and Characters of Damon Runyon

Performed October 13th-16th, 2016

Production Team


Vicki Mcclurkin 

Music Director:


Dr. Greg Ramsdell

Stage Manager:


Lilly Ellis

Props Master:


Preyuana Bryant

Assistant Director:


Haley Schreiner

Technical Director; Set and Costume Designer; Props Master:


Vanessa Cook

Lighting Designer:


Corey Zech



Pamela Bolton

Guys and Dolls Cast

Nicely Nicely Johnson:


Gavin Hubbard


Rusty Charlie:


David Cotter

Arvide Abernathy:


Jeff Cook

Harry the Horse:


Connor Applegate

Nathan Detroit:


Sam Stohlman

Liver Lips Louie:


Brady Gibson

Sky Masterson:


Teddy Berger

Master of Ceremonies; Drunk; Crapshooter:


Tyler Majoy

Lt. Brannigan:


Chris Harben

Havana Girls:


Demetra Williamson; Lauren Simonski; Kyrsten Lilly

Benny Southstreet; Joey Biltmore:


Cameron Lyons


Sarah Brown:


Kristina Kamm



Kyrsten Lilly

Angie the Ox:


Joseph Boehler​

Miss Adelaide:


Erikka Breidenbach

General Cartwright:


Amy Berger

Big Jule:


Will Sweeney

Waiter; Crapshooter:


Kai Keher

Mission Band:


Demetra Williamson; Lauren Simonski; Kaitlyn Esquibel

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